Integrated system

Integrated website for Health, ICDS and Education departments with general and individual dashboard for each department.


0-19 years age group and ANC/PNC are covered as per SDG Goal 3.


Attendance of employee and beneficiary in Anganwadi, starting time can be monitor by this system.


Attendance of school can be monitored everyday by this system.


It is well known fact that good maternal health and nutrition are important contributors to child survival. Low-birth infants, in turn, are at a higher risk of death due to infections and asphyxia.

Further, under nutrition increases the likelihood that children will be stunted when they reach adulthood. On the other hand, maternal survival is also affected by the women’s nutritional status.


  • Ensure Supplementary Nutrition to under nutrition children, Normal Children, lactating women and ensure comprehensive growth tracking of 0-19 and reproductive age group.
  • Reduce High rates of under nutrition, Anaemia in children and pregnant woman, management of childhood illnesses triggered to strengthen the Home visits (active survey) &Village Health & Nutrition Day (VHND).


  • Ensure life cycle approach to all families and all age group screened for individual health problems, Nutrition and health services.
  • Ensure tracking of services like nutrition, birth defect screening, immunization, Malnutrion detection, supplementary food service assurance, Adolescent care, Family planning services must envisioned to be delivered on home visit, the VHND day,AW and School that reduce drop out by advance information for the service through SMS and outcome tracking.



    Integration of health, nutrition, education departments for 0-19 age group along with ANC/PNC through well-established digital platform:

    7MANTRA ensure to establish the monitoring system of Global Strategy in data collection, compilation, analysis, communication and use of data in policymaking, program monitoring in all three departments i.e., Health, ICDS and Education.